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Calls and grants

The support programme for non-governmental organizations consists of different support measures described as follows.
Open calls for proposals
Announced usually twice a year, open calls focus on raising an NGO’s operational capacity. The calls enable the NGOs to state concrete operational capacities that they need to develop in order to become more efficient.  The specific capacity building focus is worked out, taking into account previous applicants’ feedback, the NGOs’ needs in general, and consultations with different civil society experts and organizations. For example some of the focuses of the calls have been leadership and communication capacity building, developing social entrepreneurship and building donation strategies.
The Local Initiative Programme
Operated together with county governments, the Local Initiative Programme supports the development of local communities and active participation of community members. Grants also cover investments into preserving community heritage and developing community services.

Grants for Innovative Solutions
We have created an incubation and funding programme for innovative solutions with great impact to ciritical problems in the society. First, we hold an open call to select best ideas and teams. The NGOs or teams with the best proposed ideas will go through an incubation programme designed to improve their ideas and build them into tangible solutions. Of those, TOP3 solutions are selected and given funding.
EV100 – celebrating Estonia’s 100th birthday
In cooperation with the Government Office, calls are organized to support projects celebrating Estonia’s centenary.

In the beginning of the year, a reward is granted to the best NGO of the previous year. The election of the NGO is organised by the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.

For more information, contact:
Mari-Liis Dolenko,, Ph: +373 655 6423; +372 521 2422