Swiss NGO Fund

According to the Framework Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of Estonia, the Swiss-Estonian Cooperation Programme was established with a special allocation of a Swiss NGO Fund, lasting for 57 months (April 2011 – December 2015).

The objectives of the Swiss NGO Fund were:

  • to promote civil society’s contribution to economic and social cohesion as an important actor in development and participation;
  • to help to build the capacity of Estonian non-profit associations and foundations, develop the civil society and shape an environment that fosters civic action.

The purpose was to develop and reinforce cooperation between the third and the public sector in improving access to and quality of public services which contribute to the enhancement of social cohesion and creation of a healthy living environment for local residents.

Funds were given for NGOs to develop public services as well as expand their territory of operation and raise the quantity and quality of services offered.

The focus was set on two themes:

  • Social services – services focused on the prevention of social problems as well as dealing with consequences;
  • Social activities – initiatives that contribute to reducing the need for social services, e.g. sports, youth work, hobby and informal education

Calls for proposals were held for small and large sub-projects:

1. Small sub-project – funding for preliminary work to develop a service.
Measure was meant for the preparation of the service (business) plan to develop the quality of and access to the service and to ensure sustainability. The service (business) plan was prepared by involving various parties (ministries, local municipality, county municipality, target group, other service providers in the same area, experts/practitioners of the field, etc.).

2. Large sub-projects – funding for launching and developing a service.
Measure was meant for the implementation of the service provision plan, improving the quality of and access to the service, ensuring sustainability of provision (according to the business plan and budget, in cooperation with public sector partners).