National Foundation of Civil Society

NFCS was established by the Estonian Government on February 18, 2008. Executor of the founder’s rights is the Ministry of the Interior. According to the Articles of Association, the objective of the National Foundation of Civil Society is to contribute to enhancing the capacity of non-profit organizations and foundations acting in the public interests of Estonia in the development of civil society and in the formation of an environment that favours civic initiative. The strategy of NFCS is based the on the Estonian Civil Society Development Concept approved by the parliament on December  12, 2002.

Our mission

By contributing to the development of non-governmental organizations we strengthen civil society.

Our vision

There is a viable civil society in Estonia and in 2020 NFCS is an efficient assistance, development and support center.


Our current strategy is currently available only in estonian.

We work in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Estonian non-profit organizations.
You can find that and further reading materials on the website of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.